Month: September 2022

Seasons to Life

Seasons to Life

The official start to the season of fall is now upon us. For me, fall always began on the first Wednesday after Labor Day when I returned to school for another year. The air was different, a little cooler, and the days were ending a little earlier each evening. Soon the foliage that blanketed the hills would burst forth with glorious colors.

Comin’ Home  | Rev. Wells-Bean

Comin’ Home | Rev. Wells-Bean

Many people call elsewhere home. Can Naples ever be home if you spend part of the year elsewhere, if your kids and grandkids aren’t here, or if this isn’t where you built your family? … Can we be a community in which, when we are together, we know we’re with our people, and that there’s a place for us? That’s what home is after all, safety, security, and comfort, isn’t it?