PROTECTING GOD’S CREATION:  Climate Justice for our Children and the World

As people of faith, we believe that responding to the urgent threat of climate change is essential to caring for God’s creation and loving our neighbors. Human activity, primarily the burning of fossil fuels for energy, has thrown nature out of balance, polluted the air, driven thousands of species of God’s creatures to extinction, intensified catastrophic events such as wildfires and hurricanes, and threatened the lives and livelihoods of our most vulnerable brothers, sisters and neighbors around the world. Scientists tell us we have less than a decade to avoid even more catastrophic consequences.

The United States has a unique opportunity to show moral and political leadership in:   

  • Transitioning our economy away from polluting fossil fuels towards 100% clean energy
  • Assisting developing nations—those who are least responsible for climate change, but often the most harmed by it—in coping with threats

The Mission Statement of the NUCC Green Justice Team affirms our responsibility to care for God’s creation. The Green Justice Team has supported and will continue to promote the church’s extensive efforts to cut emissions, save energy, and practice environmental stewardship. We regard the degradation of earth’s environment and climate as one of the greatest moral challenges of our generation and a profound justice issue.

We invite you to join us in becoming Creation Care Voters by making a personal commitment to vote for candidates and policies consistent with caring for God’s creation.

Before you vote, ask yourself: Do the policies of the candidates you support reflect your position on climate change and will any actions proposed preserve the planet for current and future generations?

Please email us at to let us know that you want to be an NUCC Creation Care Voter. Include your name, email address, an affirmation that you want to be a Creation Care Voter, and any specific questions or priorities you have related to environmental justice. Thanks in advance!