Monetary Donations

Whether in-person on Sundays, by mail, or online, every financial donation is critical to the ongoing, daily operation of Naples United Church of Christ. Members are asked each year to voluntarily provide an estimate of giving that enables our Trustees to operate a responsible annual budget.

Online: You may donate online by clicking the “Donate” button above. You may set up financial donations at regular intervals (weekly, monthly, etc.) or give a one-time contribution; you may also select the church fund(s) you prefer.

Text: To donate by text, simply text NAPLESUCC to 73256 from your mobile device.

Chancel Flowers: To honor or remember a loved one or a milestone in your life, consider a donation of chancel flowers. Tell us the date and let us know the names and details to sponsor the chancel flowers during Sunday worship services and have your details printed in the worship bulletin. Call or email the church office to select dates.

You may also call the church office at (239) 261-5469 during office hours. When worshiping in person, you may use the offering envelopes in the pew backs.


Time and Talent

We depend on our volunteers, including those who serve on our Boards and Committees to give their time and talents. You are always welcome to volunteer, and short-term and long-term opportunities are available. Serving as a volunteer creates community, enthusiasm, and the means to achieve goals that we couldn’t meet by ourselves. Don’t know where to start? Sign up for our emails or social media to get announcements about upcoming events and opportunities. You may also call the church office during office hours to inquire.


Non-Cash Donations

Our mission-giving largely depends upon the money raised through The Bargain Box Thrift Store. Donating clothing, accessories, shoes, furniture and other household goods is a great way to contribute.

Other non-cash donations could include life insurance policies no longer needed, real estate, or securities.