Finding a Safe Place

He is a God that never lacks strength to rescue us.
(Isaiah 50:2)

In each of the classrooms at Precious Cargo, we have what is called a “safe place.” This is an area in the room set aside from all the busyness of centers, toys, art materials, etc. It usually has a soft welcoming chair or beanbag, pillows, family photos, calming jars, and lots of calming, quiet materials. When little minds are overwhelmed, or little hearts are sad, this is an area they can seek solace. It provides some peace away from the noise; a chance to cry, breathe, or just relax when sleepy.

Often parents, especially mothers, share their frustrations with us about their little one’s behavior. It seems that at school, or with grandparents, their child is well mannered, participates, behaves. But, when they are with their mommas, it can be a struggle just to get shoes on their feet. What I have learned, is that this is one of the highest forms of a compliment that a child can give their mother. As they tantrum over the color of the cup they were served juice in, they are showing how comfortable, and safe they feel. Mothers are their safe space. They can bring all their frustrations, worries, heartache, and struggles straight to mom. Why? Because what do mothers do – they wipe the tears, they stay calm and remain patient, they hug – through all the craziness, they love you harder.
The older I get, the more I realize that God is our ultimate safe space. We have the ability to bring him our complaints, our joys, our aches and pains. God allows us the space to “tantrum” and continues to love us through it. Just as a parent does, or a teacher, or even a spouse – the love remains.

In a world of division, pandemics, and raging storms, we all need a “safe place;” somewhere, or someone, in which we can show our true selves. To be allowed the freedom to cry, vent, stress – let it out. Let us never forget that “He is a God that never lacks strength to rescue us.”

Prayer Focus: For all those who are someone’s “safe place,” and for all those who are searching to find theirs.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for being our safe place. Thank you for being there through all the challenges of life and providing us with your unconditional and enduring love. Be with those struggling to find a safe place and strengthen those who are safe places to other. Amen.

Children’s Activity:

Create a Gratitude Pumpkin – pick a fall pumpkin, it could be orange or white, and have each member of your family write something they are grateful for. Keep the pumpkin displayed somewhere everyone can see it, and add to it, as the holiday season continues.

Start a Family Recipe Book – throughout the months of November and December, start a family recipe book together. Mark down all the favorite dishes that your family enjoys.