A New Normal?

“Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” Psalm 30:5b

For the past year, I have been meeting via Zoom with three friends for mutual coaching. Even though we had never met before sharing a coaching seminar, we have become close over that time as we have learned about each other. And this pandemic has driven us to share deeply about our thoughts and feelings.

This week, we were feeling a bit discouraged and one person said, “I just wish we could find some kind of normal.” But then she quickly amended that by saying – “Not the old normal, but some kind of new normal.” I’ve heard those words “a new normal” thrown around a lot lately, but it was the first time I really began to ponder what that might look like.

I know that there are parts of this pandemic response that none of us would like to see continuing – the loss of physical connection, the fear of others, or the anxiety levels.

Setting those things aside, what parts of this time of waiting are you appreciating? I am learning that letting go of the things I have no control over needs to continue to be my daily practice. I am learning that I crave connection with friends whom I have not made enough time for recently. I am discovering how much I love and respect my siblings. I am engaging in a deeper and richer prayer life. What have you discovered about yourself? Your life? What would you like to change going forward?

Rev. Dr. Deb Kaiser-Cross
Minister for Congregational Care

Prompt for Reflection
Can you imagine a different kind of normal in the months ahead? What would that look like for you? For your family? For your friends?

Prayer Focus
For families, for pregnant women, for children who face the fears of this illness

Merciful God, thank you for offering your Shepherd’s heart to each person: to the frail, you offer comfort; to the mourning, a glimpse of joy; to the self-sufficient, a reminder of vulnerability; to the seeking, abundant hope. You are relentless in seeking us, and then inspiring us to live a life reflecting Jesus the Christ. Amen.