It Is Done In Love

“Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14

Sometimes it is hard to have patience. In this current world of fear, challenges, and injustices it can be even more so. Children have no filter- if there is one thing you can count on, it is the truth and honesty that flows from children’s mouths. What I have had the joy and privilege of observing over my time as an educator is watching how children can manage their opinions and move forward. They may disagree, but ten minutes later they are playing side by side. If the friend they disagree with falls down on the playground, they find the teacher, they bring a band-aid. Children do not harbor hate or resentment in their hearts. There are many lessons we could learn from children.

Everyday it seems that there is a barrage of hate, anger, and aggression. People lashing out at others simply for their thoughts and feelings. Are we not all entitled to have our beliefs? When someone does not have a voice is it not our job to be their voice? Should we not be the ones finding the “teacher” and bringing the “band-aids?” I wonder at what point in our lives do we make the transition from respecting and protecting each other to silencing and harming one another?

It is more important than ever that we seek the guidance of the words above and remember that we are commanded to “let all that we do be in love.” Patience will come to us if we seek it. When we struggle to see eye to eye, or we stand up for others and face oppressors, let us all look to children to teach us how to do so with love, respect, and an inner understanding that we are all one and the same.

Dr. Leanne Badham
Director of Precious Cargo Academy

Children’s Activity
Make a Heart Suncatcher – gather colored tissue paper, and a roll of sticky contact paper. Rip pieces of the tissue paper and stick it to the sticky side of the contact paper. Then use a second piece of contact paper to cover the tissue paper pieces and hang in a window!

Wrap a Heart – gather some yarn and cardboard. Cut the cardboard into a heart shape, and then wrap the cardboard heart with yarn. You can make it thick to hang, or flat to turn into a bookmark!

Heart Stamping – take an empty toilet paper tube roll and bend the edges in the middle to create a heart shape. Dip the roll into some paint, and viola, you have a heart stamper!

For those struggling to feel loved, and those working hard to love others:
Dear Lord, let us not forget that in You we find peace; in You we find love, and salvation. Be with us now in this time of challenges and injustices and help us to move forward in this world with Love as You have commanded. Amen.