Let it Go

You are the God who works wonders (Psalm 77:13-1)

It is the time of year when we create goals, lists, and resolutions for the year ahead. Typically, these resolutions center on things like getting healthy, traveling, and finances. Creating goals while living in a world pandemic, after months of social distancing and self-isolation feels a lot different. There is a mix of heaviness and hopefulness as we begin 2021. The past year has caused all of us to reflect and evaluate what is “essential.” We have altered our perceptions of what is most valuable, and how precious time, family, faith, and health really are. As you begin to think of what you want 2021 to mean for you and your family, do not forget that God has a path for you. Though it has been challenging these last several months, God has still been at work making way for the wonders He has planned for each of us. Keep this in mind when choosing which resolutions, you want for this year. What wonders can you help God manifest in your life? Not only should we create personal goals for ourselves for the coming year, but we should also look to the important people in our lives and establish resolutions together. What do you and your spouse or partner want to work on as a team this year? What goals does your family want to achieve? God’s wonders lay in what is most meaningful to us. One thing we do not have to limit or distance ourselves from in 2021 is our dreams and hopes.

Dr. Leanne Badham, Ph.D.
Director, Precious Cargo Academy

Prayer Focus:
For those feeling apprehensive, and unsure of what lies ahead

Dear Lord, thank you for the wonders you provide. Help guide us, protect us, and nurture us in the year ahead. Amen.


Create a Family Goal/Challenge – create a goal that you all want to work on together. This could be no screen time before 5 p.m., taking a daily walk, all sitting together at dinner, etc. Empower each other to keep the daily goal and set small achievable steps to make it happen.

Make a Vision Board – you can do this as a family or create your own personal vision board. Get a corkboard, scrapbook paper, or something big enough for you to put pictures on. Cut out magazine pictures, use family photos, stickers, anything that represents what makes you happy and what you hope to achieve. Place it somewhere visible so that every day you are reminded of the dreams you are working towards.