Seeking Rainbows

I have placed my rainbow in the clouds. It is the sign of my covenant with you and with all the earth. (Genesis 9:13)

Rainbows have always been special to me. Throughout my life I would rejoice when I saw a rainbow among the clouds, colorfully reminding me of the treasures, joy, and love that God provides. Anytime I was going through a tough season, whether it was the pressures of finishing grad school, family worries, or personal stressors, seeing one would instantly spring forth a sense of contentment in my heart. It felt like a special connection I had with God – as if this were His way of surrounding me in His peace and giving me the most loving reminder that He held me in his hands.

This year has provided an extended season of challenges. It has proved difficult for everyone to stay optimistic as the days, weeks, and months wear on. When there is so much uncertainty ahead it begins to chip away at the core of our vulnerable, human selves.

It has made me reflect on Noah, in his ark with his family, and all those animals. They sheltered together for 40 days and 40 nights, battering out the rains and floods. Noah and his family did not know how long those rains would last. They got on that ark and hunkered together facing the unknown.

We too, as a collective whole, are on our arks floating through the unknown with no determined land ahead. Just as Noah did, we too have sent our dove, but are awaiting a return.

When Noah finally found land, after receiving the olive leaf, God filled the sky with a rainbow to show His promise.

I am sure that there were times when Noah and his family struggled to trust that the rain was going to end, or began to worry when that first dove did not return.

Our lives are surrounded by the beauty of God, but when our minds are so overwhelmed, we begin to miss seeing these messages of hope. The wonder of a sunset, hearing “I love you,” stars in the night sky, the smell of fresh cut grass. There are so many simple pleasures that we sometimes feel we do not have the time for, or we are so preoccupied we do not even notice them.

Find something that speaks to you; something that grounds you and reinforces your faith. Maybe it is listening to music, completing a puzzle, watching or attending church services – find what fuels your soul and picks you up when you feel like you are in pieces.

Look for the rainbows.

Prayer Focus: For those struggling to find contentment.

Prayer: Dear Lord, show us your rainbows. Help us to see the messages of hope and promises that you have for us. Surround us now in our times of uncertainty and remind us of your everlasting peace. Amen.

Children’s Activity:

Create a Noah’s Ark Theme Snack! Use a peeled banana as the boat. Place a layer of peanut butter on the top of the banana, and then place animal crackers standing up into the peanut butter.

Create a Froot Loop Rainbow Necklace! Using yarn, or string, thread Froot Loop cereal in a rainbow pattern to make a wearable snack!

Make a Walking Rainbow! Fill a few jars with water. Put a few drops of food coloring in each of the jars to make the different colors of the rainbow. Get a long sheet of paper towels, long enough to reach between all the jars.

Place a piece of the paper towel into each jar, keeping the paper towel connected. Wait and watch what happens as the paper towel absorb the colors to form one large rainbow!